GA8 General Description

The GA8 aircraft is a strut braced, high wing, fixed tricycle undercarriage, single engine, eight seat cabin aircraft that has been designed primarily for passenger and utility operations.

The fuselage is of an all alloy stressed skin construction and is fully corrosion protected. The floor of the passenger cabin is provided with a quick release system to allow rapid conversion from freight to passenger or combination configurations. The engine cowlings are manufactured from composite materials and feature large, easily removable access panels.

The cockpit is designed to accommodate the pilot in command on the left side and all controls, instruments, selectors and switches are located so as to be within easy reach of the occupant of that seat. A second, optional set of flight controls and instruments may be fitted to the right side front seat position. The centrally located control pedestal, radio stack and overhead switch panel is accessible from either of the two cockpit seats. The radio stack is angled somewhat toward the pilot making it slightly less accessible to the copilot position. The cockpit is accessed by forward opening doors which are located on each side. The main cabin is provided with a large sliding door (often referred to as the cargo door) on the left side at the rear of the fuselage.

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The wings are of all metal stressed skin construction, with full corrosion protection, and are braced on each side by a single streamlined bracing strut. A single, integral, fuel tank is located in each wing, between the fuselage and the strut. The ailerons and wing flaps are of metal construction and operate in a conventional sense.

The empennage is also all metal stressed skin construction and is fully corrosion protected. A variable incidence stabilizer is incorporated to provide a wide trim range with maximum aerodynamic efficiency. The vertical surfaces feature a half span rudder which is located on the lower portion of the fin.   


The engine is a, six cylinder, horizontally opposed, air cooled, normally aspirated and fuel injected Lycoming I0-540 -K1A5 rated by Lycoming to 300 BHP at full throttle and 2700 RPM. As installed in the GA8 it has been de-rated to full throttle and 2500 RPM maximum for all normal operations.

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